Bello 2 – Tailored Body Fat Management Device and Smart App – Bluetooth Whole-Body Fat Scanner and Metabolism Tracker – Handheld Body Fat Measurement Tool – Compatible with Apple Health & Google Fit


Next Generation bello Technology – This premium whole-body fat analyzer makes it quick and easy to check, track and manage your health. As the first and only portable whole-body fat measurement device, bello 2 delivers professional-level measurements in seconds with a sleek handheld device you can easily use at home or on-the-go.
Measure Your Key Health Indicators – bello 2 digital measurement tool keeps you informed of your body fat percentage, visceral fat, metabolic levels and BMR with easy-to-read mobile app reports. The comprehensive bello 2 index simply and easily provides the actual health insights you need to support fat loss and make lasting lifestyle change.
More Accurate Measurements – We have updated the bello 2 app to provide our most accurate analysis yet. Our proprietary technology utilizes noninvasive NIRS (Near Infrared Light) to a high level of accuracy. These safe, radiation-free measurements overcome the limitations of BIA smart body fat scales, weight scales, and body fat calipers for consistent readings that give you enhanced precision, closer to DEXA scan results.

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