BOTANITY Flavon Serum – Strenthen skin moisture barrier, calming and soothing dry & sensitive skin, K-beauty, Made in Korea, 1.7 fl oz


Skin Redness We understand how frustrating that comes with REDNESS and other related skin conditions. BOTANITY Flavon serum is an advanced, non-prescription treatment formulated to be gentle on skin for effective control of redness on your face with moisturized treatment and help your skin heal.
Skin Protection Barrier: You can use daily to soothe sensitive skin and provide essential relief to combat, rough skin, dryness, skin-calming as well as skin protection, Flavon Serum activates one of its unique key ingredients ‘Aloe Barbadensis’ to retain skin moisturization.
Powered By Nature & Plant: Highly concentrate serum for skincare for women, skin feels firmer, suitable for all skin type, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin with natural scent from nature. Chemical Free, Cruelty-Free. Fragrance-Free.

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