CardoMax Hydromax & Max Clarity Bundle, Hydration Packets & Liquid Nootropic Supplements 2Pack, 30 Packet Sticks


HYDRATION ON THE GO – Hydro Max liquid hydration drink packets from CardoMax are perfect for quick hydration while you’re out and about. Each order comes with 15 durable, portable single serve packets that easily fit in your purse or pocket.
BRAIN WELLNESS SUPPORT – Max Clarity Liquid Nootropic supplement provides an ideal way to support your brain wellness. Our mental clarity supplement is formulated with 3 powerful nootropics – caffeine, Apha GPC & L-Theanine – known to support your brain’s cognitive functions, improve memory, increase mental alertness and concentration, and boost energy levels and wakefulness. With this supplement, you can stay focused, productive, and energized for any task.
PACKED WITH ELECTROLYTES – CardoMax Hydro Max Supplement drink mix is jam-packed with thirst-quenching electrolytes including 230mg of Sodium, 470mg of Potassium, and 8.4mg of Magnesium for a hydration boost anytime.

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