Forte Half Gallon (2.2 Liter) Plastic Water Bottle with Insulated Neoprene Sleeve Cover & Pockets-Large and Leakproof 1/2 Gallon with Reusable Straw- Perfect for Gym, Office & Outdoor Fun! (Black)


ULTIMATE LARGE WATER BOTTLE: If you need a big water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day, your search ends here! This water bottle is the only one of its kind, with a half-gallon capacity and a leakproof lid. It also has a wide mouth, making it easy to refill and clean. It’s a suitable half-gallon water bottle for both men and women.
WATER JUG MEASUREMENTS: Stay hydrated all day with the Forte water bottle. Its 2.2-liter capacity, clear measurements, removable straw, and protein shaker lid make it perfect for the gym, office, or everyday use. Stay stylish and hydrated on the go. With this water bottle, you can take your H2O and nutrients with you wherever you go, all while looking stylish.
NEOPRENE CAPSULE SLEEVE: The Forte 2.2 liter water bottles are excellent not only for their ease of cleaning and maintenance but also for their durability, ensuring that you can use our water jugs for an extended period of time. Additionally, the water jug storage sleeves help you keep your items well-organized and safe. They are available in different stylish and sturdy Neoprene sleeve designs that match your personality.

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