KaraMD Pure I.V. + GutBio Max – Special Bundle – Variety Flavor Hydration Packets (16 Sticks) & Powerful Supplement for Prebiotics, Postbiotics & Probiotics (120 Capsules)


I.V. HYDRATION BOOST: Pure I.V. is a great tasting electrolyte drink mix that combines essential minerals, vitamins C, B3, B5, B6 and 15x more high-quality orally absorbable B12 from natural sources into a hydration multiplier 2x faster than water alone to fuel your active lifestyle every day. This bag includes 4 different flavors; Strawberry, Lemon Lime, Watermelon and Passion Fruit.
ENERGY & RECOVERY DRIVEN BY NOE: Pure I.V. uses Natural Osmosis Equilibrium (NOE) science and technology to improve water hydration and electrolyte delivery – rapid absorption of water and essential nutrients from our I.V. hydration drink replenishes what your body loses in sweat.
Powerful Prebiotic, Probiotic, and Postbiotic: KaraMD GutBio Max is the ultimate digestive health supplement, packed with fiber from natural and responsibly sourced organic ingredients like agave inulin, flaxseed, acacia gum, and banana powder

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