Soothing Watery Sunscreen SPF50 2.36 fl.oz + Mild Creamy Cleansing Foam 4.05 fl.oz | Vegan Cosmetics | Korean Skin Care | K-beauty


DOUBLE-MIXED SUNSCREEN: Experience the innovation of 3W8L’s double-mixed sunscreen that combines the best of both worlds. Say goodbye to the discomfort and white cast often associated with organic sunscreens and the potential skin irritation from inorganic alternatives. Our advanced formula ensures excellent application and a minimal white cast, delivering comfortable and effective sun protection.
A WHIPPED-CREAM TEXTURE DAILY CLEANSER: Experience the luxurious whipped-cream texture of our daily cleanser that effectively removes impurities from the skin. The fine foam particles, smaller than pores, stretch elastically for a thorough cleanse. This cleanser not only removes impurities and makeup but also provides moisturizing care without leaving the skin feeling tight.
3W8L’s MOISTURIZING PROTECTIVE FILM: Nourish and shield your skin with our unique moisturizing protective film. The carefully balanced blend of water-based and oil-based components penetrates deeply, providing optimal hydration and smoothing the texture of your skin. Enjoy the benefits of a protective film that keeps your skin moisturized and safeguarded against harmful UV rays.

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