TAISHAN UV Water Purifier,UV Self-Cleaning Water Bottle,Rechargeable Insulated Water Bottle with Smart Screen,Stainless Steel Water Bottle-Perfect for Hiking, Camping, Travel(16.9 oz)


Strong Sterilization:Outfitted with a UV-C Cap, TAISHAN water bottle reduces microbes by up to 99.99%! UV-C disinfection works by breaking down certain chemical bonds and scrambling the structure of DNA, RNA and proteins to effectively destroy all microorganisms.(Comes with a UV test card, you can test the authenticity of the product yourself.)EPA Est.No.96932-CHN-1
Quick Disinfection:With just a few taps of your finger, you can drink refreshing drinking water no matter where you are. No matter where you are, you can enjoy refreshing drinking water with just a few taps of your finger. Tap the top three times to quickly sterilize. Quick, easy and effective.
Expert Construction:The durable insulated stainless steel TAISHAN bottle is made of 304 stainless steel, with a vacuum, double-layer structure, which can keep your beverage hot for 24 hours or 12 hours.

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