Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder to Drink More Water Bottles – Fit Most Bottles  – Light Up Technology Tracks when you Hydrate – Koalified


SMART LIGHT: Ulla is the world’s first hydration reminder water bottle attachment! It can be seamlessly moved from bottle to bottle and uses smart detection sensors to remind you to drink water at least once per hour.
EASY TO USE: Ulla makes drinking water easy. It fits most water bottles and does not require any replacement parts or app set up unlike other smart water bottles. It’s perfect to use for your home or office water bottle and lights up quietly without disturbing you or others around.
HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE: Did you know 75% of people are dehydrated? Don’t fall into this norm with the help of Ulla, your new personal hydration coach. This smart light can help you drink 3x more water which can result in more energy, less headaches, better skin & metabolism, and an overall healthier lifestyle.

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