247 Viz Running Hydration Belt – Running Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder-Adjustable Running Belt with Water Bottle Holder And Pouch – Water Bottles and Runners Reflective Gear for High Visibility


ADJUSTABLE WAIST FITS ALL SIZES – We’ve designed our running fanny pack with water bottle holder to adjust as tightly as you want, minimizing movement and eliminating bounce. You are able to control the running fanny pack moving it up or down your waist and simply tightening or loosening the straps
IMPROVED EASY ACCESS WATER BOTTLES (8 OZ) – No more leaks! We’ve improved our hiking fanny pack with water bottle holder with water bottle holder to be more durable and leak free. Your 4 water bottles are the perfect volume for longer runs and are encased in quick access holders. Filled to the brim, bottles will hold 10 oz. The bottles are cap free, you just squeeze & hydrate without a fuss
LARGE POCKET FITS MOST PHONES – Our fanny pack with water bottle holder / running water belt has a front pocket large enough for most phones, EXCEPT plus sizes. The stretchy phone pocket is meant to be very tight, minimizing movement when you run. If your phone cover is removed, it can also hold cash, cards, keys, gels, etc

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