Running Water Bottle Hand Held- Flexible Running Bottle| Collapses As You Drink, Soft Flask Running Bottles, Handheld Water Bottles for Runners Water Bottle, Soft Water Bottles (8.5oz-Single)


HANDHELD RUNNING WATER BOTTLE- Our compact water bottle makes an ideal running hydration bottle. This running water bottle handheld fits neatly in your hand or runner’s belt, making it a perfect pocket water bottle & easy to stay hydrated on the go.
COLLAPSIBLE WATER BOTTLES- Our collapsible water bottles 8oz are designed to hold minimal air so the water doesn’t slosh around. This 250mL water bottle soft is easy to hold,. For longer runs, take a running bottle handheld to stay hydrated.
SOFT FLASK RUNNING BOTTLES- Our hand water bottle for runners is a flexible bottle designed for strenuous activities, including running, cycling, hiking and exercising. Hastarah’s collapsible flask can be easily folded or tucked into your pocket.

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