DERMAXGEN Aloe Vera Gel With Witch Hazel + Vitamin C + Vitamin E – Skin Soothes, Moisture And Repair Formula, Nutrients Rich And Cold Pressed 8.5 Fl Oz/ 250 Ml


REDUCES SIGNS OF AGING: Aloe Vera is undoubtedly the miracle treatment you need for your skin. It helps make your skin acne-free. Also, signs of aging, wrinkles. Reduce with the regular application of aloe vera gel. Power of Aloe vera gel’s properties, it gently cleanses & purifies the skin. It also helps eliminate the excess dirt stuck inside the skin’s pores. Aloe Vera improves cell reproduction on the skin.
IMPROVES SCALP SKIN: Aloe Vera Gel is beneficial for improving your scalp’s texture. It helps remove the dryness, enabling you to get rid of an itchy scalp. It has magical impacts on dandruff, also controls excess oil production. Aloe Vera cleanses & nourishes the scalp without causing any side effects or damage. Aloe Vera has only natural substances. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any damage done to your hair.Pure organic solution to prevent any unwanted damages.
PREVENT AND HEALS HYPERPIGMENTATION: Aloe vera moisturize skin and suppresses hyperpigmentation, preventing dark spots, reducing damage caused by sun damage. Aloe vera gel is a natural exfoliator. It gently removes the dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and radiant. Aloe vera gel also makes the skin more penetrative for the absorption of other ingredients.

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