Electrolyte Powder Recovery Drink (90 Servings | Lemon Berry) w Real Salt +BCAAs +B-Vitamins Sugar Free Electrolyte Supplement + Véla Vegan Plant Protein Chocolate | 25 Servings with Vegan BCAAs Green


Electrolytes: Enhanced Electrolytes for Hydration & Recovery. Enhanced with BCAAs, Real Salt, and B-Vitamins for hydration, recovery, and stamina support.*
Protein: Great-tasting chocolate milkshake flavored vegan protein powder to assist in workout recovery and can also be used as a meal supplement. Sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract to add to the delicious taste.
Electrolytes: Real Salt. BCAAs. B-Vitamins. An all-in-one hydration and recovery drink formulated with an extensive electrolyte complex including Sodium from Real Salt, Potassium Citrate, Magnesium, and Zinc for maximum hydration — and enhanced with BCAAs such as L-leucine & L-valine as well as a full Vitamin B complex to help accelerate recovery and improve stamina.*

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