Fluid Tactical – Electrolyte Powder Packets, Accelerate Re-Hydration, Low Sugar, Electrolyte Drink Mix, Prevent Dehydration, Eliminate Cramps


✅ RAPID HYDRATION Tactical is an electrolyte replacement mix that helps you hydrate better than anything else. It replaces minerals that are lost in sweat, without excess sugar or any added junk. It is a must have for firefighters, construction workers, solar farms, oil fields, or anyone working hard under heat stressoil fields, or anyone working hard under heat stress
✅ ELIMINATE CRAMPS Designed by professionals from real science, Tactical is a no-nonsense way of preventing cramps and fighting dehydration during long, hot days on the job
✅ MIXES EASILY IN WATER Simply add 1 packet to any 16oz water bottle, shake until dissolved

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