2L Dog Water Bowl Large Capacity Slow Water Feeder, No Spill Dog Bowl Splash Proof Pet Water Dispenser,Vehicle Carried Travel Water Floating Bowl for Dogs/Cats/Pets (Pink)


Large Capacity: 70oz/2L dog water bowl is large and practical for your pet’s daily water consumption, so you don’t have to worry about your dog drinking water at all when you are busy at work or go out.
Visual Design: Transparent water bowl helps to check the water quality, and the water level reminder can monitor the water volume to keep the water source clean and your dog’s water consumption.
Slow Water Feeder: Adopt an auto-floating disk that rallows water to rise up as the animal licks and places pressure to take up the water. It effectively reduces your pet’s drinking rate, avoids wet fur, and keeps your pet’s coat dry. Also helps prevent dust and dirt from falling into the water and provides clean water for your pet.

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