HANDYSPRING – Smart Water Bottle with Reminder to Drink Water – Lights and Sound (switchable) Spout Hydrate Glow Bottle 26 oz, Track Your Sips, Smart Hydration Reminder clear water bottle (white)


✅SET UP INSTANTLY HYDRATION BOTTLE WITH REMINDER: You can now get on with your daily tasks without the worry of dehydrating with our hydration tracking water bottle that reminds you to drink; Featuring a flip top, incorporated straw with a regular size mouth, and convenient hanger, this smart water bottle with app tracker will set the sipping intervals, calculate the sips, and automatically remind you to hydrate, based on your personal goals. It doesn’t measure how much water did you drink.
✅SENSOR TRACKED & APP OPERATED: Our water consumption tracker bottle is operated by a water intake app that allows you to set up and track the number of sips and record the sipping history on the app; With the incorporated sensor monitoring your intake, there is no more effective way to ensure perfect hydration, making this smart bottle with hydration counter your new companion for indoors and out
✅SPINNING LIGHTS & SOUND ALERTS: Sound can be turned Off when needed. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, our water reminder water bottle with speaker and colorful lights will not fail to alert; The spinning lights of this LED water bottle will flash as the visual reminder while the unique sound alert, unlike in our competitors, will attract your attention if placed far away – an ultimate sounding and blinking water bottle.

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