5 in 1 Cocoa Butter Leave-in Conditioner Lotion for Dogs & Cats-Pet Hot Spot Cream & Balm for Allergies, dermatosis, Paw Fungus Or Dry Itchy Skin-Helps Heal Small Cuts & Abrasions


COCOA BUTTER & AVOCADO CONDITIONING LOTION: Give your friend the ultimate pampering with our Cocoa Butter Conditioning lotion designed to deeply nourish, hydrate, soothe, and protect your pet’s skin and coat from dry, itchy skin, dermatosis and inflammation. Works wonders on irritated skin, minor cuts and abrasions and dry cracked paws. If your dog or cat has allergies to bug bites, the food they eat or even fungus from grass, than you will absolutely love our cocoa butter conditioning lotion.
NO MORE TANGLES OR KNOTS: Say goodbye to pesky tangles and knots with our detangling formula which helps to make brushing and grooming a breeze while leaving your pet pain-free and happy all day long.
RESTORE FRESHNESS & SHINE: With regular use, our Cocoa Butter Conditioning lotion can revitalize and soothe their skin and paws from minor cuts, dry/cracked paws, fungus or allergic reactions. All while giving your pet a shiny, healthy coat without an oily residue

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