2 PACK: 32 Oz Water Bottle with Time Marker – Motivational Gym Water Bottle with Strap & Holder for Everyday Use | Water Bottles with Times to Drink | Big Water Bottle with Straw, Leak Proof & Durable


💧WATER BOTTLE HOLDER WITH STRAP: The bottles come with a 6mm neoprene sleeve and a padded shoulder strap that helps keep the bottle on the go and provides an extra layer of protection. The water Bottle is not insulated but the sleeve will keep the water cold for up to 4 Hours. It will also avoid condesation and has 2 zipper pockets to store your keys, money and or phone.
💖 BIG WATER BOTTLE WITH STRAW/BPA FREE: Built-in water tracker and hourly reminder, making it easy for you to keep track of your water intake. You even get a handy water bottle carrier so you can take it to the gym or office.
🔥GYM WATER BOTTLES FOR WOMEN: Drinking water is essential for our body especially if you go tot he gym and these bottles serve as a reminder to drink more water and to stay hydrated. They are a fun and exciting way to help you get you to drink the right amount!

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