Epic Nalgene Filtered Motivational Water Bottle | Water Bottles With Times To Drink | USA Made Bottle and Filter | Dishwasher Safe | BPA Free with Time Marker | Removes 99.99% Tap Water Impurities


Water Bottle with Measurements: This huge Nalgene 48 oz water bottle with filter uses depth & adsorption filtration to be the perfect water purifier. Adsorption removes particulates via the activated coconut carbon fiber mesh surface areas, which adsorbs contaminants such as cysts, heavy metals, chemicals & pharmaceuticals. Depth filtration (6mm thick) involves the removal of suspended waste products as they try to pass through the millions of layers of coconut carbon fiber block.
No More Expensive Single Use Plastic Water Bottles: This motivational water bottle with filter for tap water saves the Earth over 550 plastic single use water bottles. This USA made eco-friendly organic coconut shell based carbon fiber mesh filter is an environmentally friendly filter that is tested by 3rd party labs. Rigorously tested against NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401, & P473 (NSF 53 Water Filter), this personal water filter will have you drinking clearly filtered water from a BPA free water bottle.
Measured Water Bottle: At Epic Water Filters, we believe in building products that never become obsolete. When you invest in a filtered smart water bottle by Epic, you get a modular system designed to perform for years to come. Whether you are using your water bottle with filter for tap water or you need a filtered water bottle for your home gym, the interchangeable filter system has you covered. Searching for workout equipment, exercise equipment, or home gym equipment, perfect bottle for you.

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