SolForis Hockey Water Bottles with Long Straw, Fit for Football Lacrosse Gym Sport, Plastic Squeezable Leakproof BPA Free, No Strange Smell, Easy to Clean, 1 Liter 32 oz (3 Straw Caps) (white)


HOCKEY WATER BOTTLES — Long straw water bottle is suitable for sports that need to wear helmet, like lacrosse, football.The long straw makes it easy to drink without taking off your helmet, and the soft bottle can be squeezed to deliver more water faster without having to suck on the straw.
LARGE CAPACITY & EASY TO CLEAN — Water bottle for sports boasts a large capacity of 1 liter (32 oz). Such a big volume is good for athletes to replenish water during a game. The water bottle is designed with a wide mouth,so it is easy to put in ice cubes, clean and fill.

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