UVBRITE Beam Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle – 24 Oz Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle – Rechargeable Sterilizing Bottle with Safety Lock Push Button Quick Purification for Safe Drinking Water Anywhere


Self-Cleaning Bottle: Quench your thirst with pure, safe water from a clean bottle at the press of a button. UVBrite’s Beam Bottle with collapsible handle features an intelligent self-cleaning function, sterilizing the bottle each time you run a cycle.
UV-C Cap: UVBrite’s Water Bottle boasts a UV-C based purification system to effectively zap all microorganisms. UV-C disinfection reduces microbes by breaking down certain chemical bonds and scrambling the structure of DNA, RNA and proteins!
Safety Lock: Unlike other UV Water-Purifying Bottles on the market, UVBrite’s Beam Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle is equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental exposure to UV-C light which cannot be activated once the cap is removed.

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