Wake Skincare moisturizer face cream anti aging, anti aging face moisturizer for women, hydrating face moisturizer – Day & Night Anti – wrinkle Facial skin care products – 50ml


RE-ENERGIZE SKIN FOR VISIBLY YOUNGER-LOOKING APPEARANCE: An anti – aging face cream to help you look younger and more vibrant! A rich & stimulating anti-wrinkle face cream and a face moisturiser to protect your skin from premature aging, reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve your complexion and deliver the youthful glow you desire.
UNIQUE FORMULA: With our unique blend of premium ingredients including Hyaluronic acid and Collagen, blended with pure essential oils, natural plant botanicals and natural antioxidants, our anti-aging moisturiser face cream helps give your skin a radiant & youthful appearance.
EASILY ABSORBED: With the simple application of our face cream for women, simply apply it to your cheeks, forehead and the areas around your mouth and lips. You’ll see correction to these signs of aging, helping you attain a smooth and brilliant complexion. It’s the perfect base and primer for makeup.

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