2 Pack Timain 4-Stage Filtration,High Flow Rate Water Filter Straw,Water Purifier Survival for Emergency Kits,Travel,Camping, Hiking,Fishing,Hunting (2)


4-Stage filtration: Our water filter straws use an advanced 4-Stage filtration system, the main filtration material ultrafiltration membrane, with a filtration accuracy of 0.1 micron. This design effectively can filter 99.9999% harmful substances and impurities and microplastics from surface water. You can safely enjoy clean drinking water.
High-quality materials ensure durability and safety: Our straw water filter is made of food-grade materials, and all components that come into contact with water comply with strict food contact safety standards. The product is sturdy, leak-proof, broken-resistant,and able to withstand outdoor environments. Whether it’s for emergencies, travel hiking,fishing,It is your reliable companion.
Versatile design to meet various needs: Our portable water purifier features multiple usage options. It can be connected to universal 28mm threaded water bags or bottles, can be attached to backpack water bladders via hoses, or can be used for direct water intake from water sources. Whether you are engaging in outdoor life,camping,hunting,backpacking, it can meet your demands.

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