eccomas Cat Water Fountain, 3.1L/104Oz Pet Water Fountain Filters with Faucet Mode, Adjustable Fresh Free-Flowing Stream, Dog Water Fountain with Quiet Water Pump for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets


😽[3.1L/104oz Large Capacity]-Large capacity is specially designed for dogs/cats and multi-pet families and meets a month water comsumption of a cat, which also extends time between refilling your fountain. Larger capacity cat fountain water bowl with water weighs 8.8lb which prevent being pushed over by pets. Adjustable flow control lets you choose how fast the water flows from the free-falling stream.
😽[Faucet-mode Water Flow Encourage Drinking]-Compared to the flower fountain, free-flowing water streams entice pets to drink more and helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets through increased hydration. Also avoid pets turning on the faucet and drinking dirty water in the toilet by themselves. 5in water stream streams aerate the water for added oxygen and freshness.
😽[Open Bowl-design Perfect for Multi-pet Families]-The open design of this automatic dog water dispenser means that even if the power goes out, your dog will still have access to water. The wide bowl is whisker-friendly, which keeps your cat’s sensitive whiskers from touching the sides while drinking. Water fountain for cats inside is easier to see the water level to add water in time.

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