Activated Charcoal Powder for Dogs and All Pets, Livestock. Organic. for Digestive Upset, Poisonings, Detox, Dental Health, Kidney Relief, General Well-Being, Longevity, 10 oz / 1qt


HIGHEST QUALITY: Made of 100% pure activated charcoal, our powder is all-natural food grade certified, vegan & gluten free. It helps eliminate toxins from your animal friends’ digestive system, teeth, skin, hair, fur, etc.. It can be used externally and internally. , made exclusively from USA fir Trees – an all-natural & renewable source. Ideal for furry and feather-y animal friends, pets and farm animals as well.
MADE IN THE USA: Our product is made from US Hardwood – natural activated carbon at its finest. Feel the difference of this ultra-fine powder with exceptionally high adsorption rate, outperforming bamboo alternatives. This jar’s content is equivalent to about 1,000 capsules or tablets or pills. For topical & internal use.
IDEAL FOR DETOXIFICATION & CLEANSING: A food grade, natural, organic material; it’s one of the most versatile products to help keep your animals and garden healthy! Our charcoal is valued for maintaining healthy digestion – for use w/stomach aches and supporting colon, eliminating diarrhea and vomiting. It is the quickest health-aid you can reach for to save an animal from poisoning, etc.

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