Cat Water Fountain,luti 67 oz/2.0L Automatic Water Fountain for Cats Inside with LED Light for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets, Replacement Filters Included, White


Durable Water Supply: The 2-liter large capacity cat fountain can hold a substantial amount of water, allowing your pet to enjoy a sustained water source without the need for frequent refills. Even with a busy schedule or extended periods away from home, your pet will have a lasting water supply. Ideal as a water fountain for cats inside.
Efficient Multi-Stage Filtration System: The cat fountain features a highly effective multi-stage filtration system, consisting of high-density cotton, coconut shell, activated carbon, and ion exchange resin. This advanced system works together to remove impurities, eliminate odors, improve water quality, and enhance taste. With this filtration system, you can ensure that your pet has access to fresher and cleaner water, reducing the risk of illness and promoting their overall health. Perfect fo
Enhanced Water Pump: The LutiPet Cat Fountain features an enhanced water pump that employs cutting-edge technology. This upgraded pump is specifically engineered for silent operation, producing a noise level of ≤30dB. It guarantees a serene environment for both you and your furry companion, ensuring uninterrupted sleep and undisturbed moments of tranquility. An ideal dog drinking fountain as well.

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