Re&Well Deulggae Facial Mask Pack, Skin Hydration & Nutrition, Wash-off Face Mask, Radiant & Glowing Skin Care, Korean Perilla Seed Extract, All Skin Types, Secret Recipe of K-Beauty (5 F


Our Deulggae(Perilla) facial mask pack is made with high quality ingredients. The perilla mask pack contains 7-Spoon Special Recipe with perilla powder which has traditionally been used by Korean women to make their skin more beautiful.
Skin Complexion Care / Rice bran hydro water (170,000PPM) added : Hydro water purely obtained by distilling rice bran, which has been used by Korean women for excellent complexion care since ancient times, is contained in the Cool-down Gel Trap and slowly permeates to moisten and brighten the skin.
Skin Collagen Care / CICA care ingredient added : Cica Care is already famous among women with beautiful skin around the world! It contains fresh Centella asiatica (aka. Centella asiatica) obtained from Madagascar, madecassoside, the key ingredients of Centella asiatica, and CICA (cica) from asiaticoside to smooth skin.

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