Kenida Dog Water Fountain for Large Dog Inside: Automatic Dog Water Bowl Fountain 169oz/5L Cat Water Fountain Multi Pet Water Fountain


【Large 5L Capacity】This dog water fountain holds 5 liters (169 oz/1.3 gallons) of refreshing water. Whether you have a big dog or multiple pets, it ensures their hydration for at least 10 days. 🤗 We understand you’re tired after work, and our water fountain gives you more time to play with the little ones.
【Big Drinking Area & Paw-Friendly Water Bowl】This cat water dispenser has a roomy drinking area where 2-4 furry pals can sip together, and a more suitable water bowl design for larger dogs. ✅One investment, multiple pets’ hydration needs met. We all know earning money isn’t a piece of cake, right?
【BPA-free】Made from top-tier materials – safe, eco-friendly, BPA-free ABS. This dog fountain ensures pure, pristine, and positively fresh sips. 🙅It helps reduce the risk of pet diseases. And for us, seeing our furry friends happy and healthy, wagging their tails and smiling at us, we will be happy too, won’t we?

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