Ciays 70.4oz/2L Cat Water Fountain Automatic Induction Water Dog Water Fountain with Battery & Power Cord Powered Pet Water Fountain Bowl with Stainless Steel Drinking Tray for Pets, White


SENSOR & NORMAL WATER MODE: Auto IR Sensor Mode helps to save power and extend the longevity of the water fountain, the fancy blue light turns on and water comes outs as the pet enters the sensing radius(sensing angle: 120°| sensing radius: 3.93ft), and shuts off when your pet leaves. You can switch to normal endless flow mode.
DC POWER & BATTERY BACKUP POWER: The dual power backup function(load batteries then plug in) will perform the battery backup feature: automatically switch to the battery power supply and auto kick in case of a power cut, thus giving you the peace of mind while you’re sleeping soundly or not at home.
AUTO SHUT-OFF PUMP WITH LED LIGHT: When the water level is low, the pump will automatically stop working to protect itself from burning out, at the same time, the LED light turns red to remind of a refill. LED light glows dim blue while working, which is good to help see water level easier in the dark, yet comfortable to your eyes(a great plus for light sleepers).

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