CLEAN SKIN CLUB Night Moisturizer, Brightening & Restoring Beauty Cream, Dramatic Improving Results, Peptides + Creamides + Polyglutamic Acid, Mango Seed Butter Daily Health Skin Care


🥭【NIGHT CREAM MOISTURIZER】It will reduce the dryness or oiliness of your skin, while RESTORING it to the healthiest state, BRIGHTENING with the perfect glow recipe! Made with all non-comedogenic ingredients, this mid-weight cream contains Mango Seed Butter, Polyglutamic Acid, Ceramides, and Peptides that work exceptionally well together to deeply nourish the skin and give it a supple, radiant, and healthy glow in this UNIQUE brightening moisturizer.
🥭 【MANGO SEED BUTTER】The Mango Seed Butter contained in this night moisturizer is the ideal source of glycerin and hydrating fatty acids that makes the face cream for dry skin. It soothes and softens dry, flaking and irritated skin while deeply nourishes it for a healthy, glowing complexion. This night cream was thoughtfully formulated and created to be optimal for ALL SKIN TYPES.
🥭 【WHY POLYGLUTAMIC ACID, CERAMIDES & PEPTIDES?】Polyglutamic Acid brings the a Hydration Powerhouse and a potent humectant. It attracts and locks in Moisture. It boots elasticity & rejuvenates skin cells with anti aging properties. It also reduces the appearances of pores and fine lines. Ceramides are essential for firm & healthy skin. It keeps signs os aging away and shields the skin from Environmental Aggressors. Peptides cream revitalizes and strengthen the skin at the deepest level.

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