PÜL SmartCap, Mobile-Connected Smart Water Cap to track Daily Water Consumption and Set Hydration Goals with Gentle Glow to Remind You to Stay Hydrated, Includes 24 oz Insulated water Bottle BPA Free


We’ve all struggled to keep up with drinking enough water at times. Research even shows that approximately 75% of the US population is chronically dehydrated. PUL Smartcap is A versatile and modern approach to hydration and was designed to monitor and achieve your hydration goals in an easy and practical way with real time feedback.
All aspects of health and wellness start with good hydration. Our SmartCap technology will help you improve your hydration habits for better performance, wellness, and beauty. Our SmartCap has Color-coded light reminders to help you stay on track every sip of the way.
​​PUL SmartCap was created by a team of doctors and scientists to combine leading science, technology, and design. The PÜL App and the PÜL SmartCap have been scientifically engineered with SensorFlow Technology to quantify and report longitudinal hydration and real-time status with optimal health and performance in mind. Our goal is to make drinking adequate amounts of water both attainable and fun.

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