LIDLOK Elevated Dog Water Bowl with Floating Disk, Stainless Steel, 9.5in Diameter, 5.5in Height, Holds 1.1 Gallons, Adjustable Stand for Multiple Pets


Large Dog Water Bowl: The bowl diameter is 9.5in, height is 5.5in. Stainless steel water bowl holds 1.1 Gallon of water. Suitable for large breed dogs,multi-pets to drink.
Elevated dog bowls: The raised stand design provides a comfortable position to drink, reducing pressure on the joints or neck. Two height is adjustable, great ideal for older dogs, dogs with muscle or joint problems. Dog bowl stand size: height: 9 inches; bottom diameter:12.2 inches. Single raised dog bowls for large dogs.
No-spill slow feeder dog bowls: The self-adjusting floating cover slows down your pet’s drinking speed. When your pet’s tongue hits the float, it sinks and the water fluctuates. The floating disk controls the amount of water and prevents it from spilling over and splashing the wet floor. No more messy floors. Meanwhile, The floating cover prevents dust, pet hair fall into the water bowl, keeps the water clean.(Not suit for schnauzers)

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