VOVEE Adult Wash Gloves for Incontinence | Disposable Body Cleansing Gloves | Unscented, Pre-moistened Wet Wipes with Barrier Cream & Dimethicone – 10 Gloves


ULTIMATE CARE & CONVENIENCE – Our wash gloves are specially designed for the comfort and hygiene needs of bedridden individuals, seniors, or those unable to bathe. The glove shape allows for quick and thorough cleansing, eliminating the need for multiple wipes.
ENHANCED BARRIER CREAM – Our gloves feature a barrier cream to protect against wetness, incontinence, and skin irritations. It effectively reduces the risk of sores, redness, and discomfort on sensitive skin.
LARGE-SIZE GLOVES WITH ALOE VERA – Our unscented wash gloves are suitable for all hand sizes and can be used for a full-body cleanse. The thick, tear-resistant fabric ensures gentle and effective cleaning. Enriched with Aloe Vera, they provide moisturization and promote skin wellness

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