RaDoTech – Wellness and Fitness Tracker, Smart Body Conductivity Analyzer with Easy-to-Read Reports


FAST, SAFE WAY TO MONITOR FUNCTIONAL HEALTH – Check your well-being with noninvasive procedures. This health tracker measures your 12 vital organs’ cell conductivity via an ultra-low electric current. With this health monitor, you can get a snapshot of your functional health in just 2 minutes.
NOT ANOTHER WEARABLE FITNESS TRACKER – Unlike most “healt” fitness trackers that only monitor certain aspects of your vascular system to provide you with data, RaDoTech gives you a deeper and more complete picture of your internal health and performance based on a readings from all of your vital organs.
JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY TO MEASURE PERFORMANCE & HEALTH FUNCTION – Radotech uses widely recognized Japanese Ryodoraku technology to measure the performance and functional health of your body through the electrical currents it produces. Allowing you to get a fast, and accurate snapshot of how every important part of your body is performing and giving you tailored suggestions on how to optimize that performance.

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