Ketosis Breath Meter Rechargeable Ketone Breath Analyzer, Digital Ketone Breath Tester with 10 Replaceable Mouthpieces for Family Use


The ketosis breath analyzer needs to be exhausted before your first use. To do this, turn on the Ketone Breath Meter, wait for the 30 seconds countdown to be completed, and turn it off. Repeat the same procedure 1-2 times (without blowing) before you proceed to your first test. During testing, please blow for 5-6 seconds immediately once “START” showing then Ketone Breath analyzer will start analyzing your breath, the result readings will be visible for 10 seconds
This ketone Breath meter is an easy-using and self-monitoring device for individuals following on a keto life. Ketone breath tester saves you from finger pricks, and the device can be used repeatedly by replacing the mouthpiece, which saves your money for testing from continiously buying strips, also more convenient because you only need to breathe with the monitor for 5 seconds
Breath ketosis meter measures 6 levels of ketones, up to 99 PPM (0.0 -99), using a PPM (Part Per Million) measurement. 4 LCD Display colors for indications: 0.0-1.9 reading with WHITE light, 2.0-39 readings with GREEN, 40-59 readings with YELLOW and over 60 readings with RED light. This ketone analyzer is with 64 memory records for ketosis records tracking, and this device is also with rechargeable lithium battery 1000mAh, which could be used over 500 times or 3 months when fully charged

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