Soothe ‘n Wipe 8 Oz Wipe Hygienic Cleansing Lotion, Flushable Wipe Alternative with Aloe & Moisturizers, Toilet Paper Moistener for Clean, Soft & Smooth Bum, Butt Cleaner, Sanitizing Lotion


BEST PAPER TOILET MOISTURIZER: Made with the perfect blend of soothing & refreshing ingredients like aloe & mineral oil, this toilet paper wipe will make your bum clean & moisturized. Treat your bum with our ass cleaner, suitable for men, women & children.
GET FRESH & SEE WHAT YOU’VE BEEN MISSING: Gently remove hidden residues that dry toilet wipe alone leaves behind. Use our pure & gentle toilet paper foam to remove organic matter without drying your skin. Start your hygienic bathroom experience with our easy-to-use bum cleaner with pump.
GENTLE ON YOU & NATURE: Find yourself clean & relaxed with these toilet paper alternatives. Our unique formula doesn’t sting & only leaves you feeling refreshed. Use less paper with our septic-friendly flushable tissues. It won’t clog or damage plumbing!

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