Keto Breath Breathalyzer, High Accuracy Ketone Meter Tracing Diet & Ketosis Status, Ketone Breath Analyzer with 10 Mouthpieces (White)


EASE OF USE: Only requires a 5 Second of breath and yields results.Save you from finger pricks, and the device can be used several thousands times repeatedly, comparatively speaking, you can save much than testing strips. Probably the biggest downside with blood meter is that for every measurement you need to prick your finger. If you don’t like blood then it can be a dealbreaker. Also this process requires quite clean environment.
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Measures breath ketones, a realtime indicator of ketosis.Reusable, measure thousands of times, at a one time cost only! Ultra-precise acetone sensor detects ketones at very low concentration. Check your ketosis level quickly and accurately with a simple exhale of breath. Measure your ketogenic level non-invasively wherever you are.
KETO BREATH MONITOR: Easy to use to get the ketone readings: Reading of 0.0 signify you are still not in ketosis state, while the readings between 0.5 and 3.0, signify you are in full state of ketosis, which is the optimal ketone zone; Because a high quality sensor requires re-calibration from time to time, the Ketone Meter features a self-diagnostic mode. This is simply the device’s re-calibration mode when it has sensed gases or other airborne smells in the air.

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