Tiffair 33.8 oz Collapsible Water Bottle with Filter | Leak-Proof Valve | Ideal for Outdoor Activities | BPA-Free & Foldable Design | Stay Hydrated Anywhere (1000ml)


Presenting our revolutionary water bottle, designed for your convenience and hydration. The initial use involves gently squeezing to release trapped air, allowing space for water – a standard step, not a flaw. Inspired by kitchen filters, it ensures clean water. New cartridge? A moment’s patience lets it fill for pristine filtration. For room temperature or chilled water only – not for hot water. Experience optimal hydration sustainably.
Enhanced Filtration: Our cartridge boasts a multi-layer filtration system, including PP cotton, activated carbon, and filter paper. As water passes through, it efficiently removes residual chlorine and heavy metal impurities, ensuring you enjoy cleaner and safer drinking water. This makes our bottle suitable for everyday hydration and even for filtering natural raw water in extreme cases.
Convenient Design: With a simple pull of the nozzle, quenching your thirst is effortless. Press the nozzle to close the valve and prevent leaks. Plus, the foldable design allows for freezing, ensuring you can savor a refreshing drink on scorching days. (Recommended temperature range: 0 – 40 ℃)

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