Premium 32oz Pure Copper Water Bottle for Drinking – Ayurvedic Health Benefits – Handcrafted Copper Water Vessel – Leak-Proof Design, Rust-Free – Eco-Friendly Choice – Stay Hydrated Naturally


✨ 100% PURE COPPER: Unlike other copper bottles on the market, our water container is made from 100% pure copper, with no harmful alloys. This ensures you receive the maximum health benefits copper has to offer.
🌞 AYURVEDIC WELLNESS: Copper naturally purifies your water, making it safe to drink wherever you go. Using our pure copper vessel provides various benefits, including immune support, enhanced digestion, and improved skin health.
🌧️ LEAKPROOF AND DURABLE: Whether you’re at the gym, in the office, or on an adventure, our drinking water bottle is designed to withstand your active lifestyle. The secure cap ensures no spills.

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