PURIMADE 12Pack Pet Water Filters-Petmate Replendish and Petmate Mason Compatible Ultra-Fine Charcoal Water Filters


【 100% Ultra-Fine Charcoal Purify Water 】-Ultra charcoal adopted from nature-eco-friendly and food-safety. The natural charcoal can removes chlorine, calcium, magnesium, iron and off-taste from the water-maker sure your pet drinks healthy water
【 Micromesh Polyester 】-PURIMADE filters Petmate Replendish adopt high-quality micomesh fabric, which less than 0.5 micron small pore size, to achieve the best filtration and cleaning results-make sure micro charcoal stay in water filter and also captures pets hair to keep water clean
【 Eco-Friendly & Fresh-Keeping Packaging 】-PURIMADE Petmate Replendish Charcoal Filter are individually sealed with mini packaging in one quality paper box(not only a packaging box, but also a storage box), which make sure freshly and safely saving for 12 months or more

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