SKIN FORÊT BYE CICA 60 Cica Cream 50g skinforet Face Skin Recovery Calming Soothing Moisturizer Repair Cream 1.76oz.


✔️60% Centella Asiatica Extract〰️The dark brown color of the gel proves that it contains 60% of centella asiatica extract a.k.a Cica Syrup, which protects the skin by blocking the pollutants from the external environment. It also helps regenerate damaged skin and provides excellent effect on collagen synthesis
✔️Moisturizing Effect〰️It contains ceramide complex which maintains the lamellar structure of the skin to suppress evaporation of moist in the skin and helps to increase the moisture level. It also balances the oil and moisture of the skin
✔️Skin Recovery〰️6 types of peptide complex regenerates the skin cell and promotes the skin growth. It maintains smooth and firm skin by strengthening collagen synthesis. It also contains 5 types fo hyaluronic acid which helps to supply the moisture and helps the skin to absorb evenly into each layer

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