Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter Straw – Lightweight and Easy to Use – Water Filter Camping and Hiking – Filters 99.999% of Tested Virus, Bacteria and Parasites – 0.05 Microns Filtration


Water Filter Survival – This water purification straw can be used at any fresh water source, with any 28mm threaded bottle. Keep it as a bug-out emergency water filter or camping water filter.
Reusable and Cleanable – The only portable water filter straw with filters that can be cleaned and used again, lasting up to 264,000 gallons thanks to the tripple filtration.
Testing Standards – A BPA free water purifier straw for camping. It removes 99.999% of tested Virus, Staph, Bacteria and Protozoa, as well as 89% Mercury and Lead, according to NSF/ANSI Standards.

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