Ketone Analyzer, Accuracy Digital Keto Breath Meter Test Health Ketosis with 10 Mouthpieces (Black1)


4 LCD DISPLAY COLORS: 6 levels of ketones up to 99 PPM (0.0 -99), using a PPM (Part Per Million) measurement. 4 LCD Display colors for indications: 0.0-1.9 reading with WHITE light, 2.0-39 readings with GREEN, 40-59 readings with YELLOW and over 60 readings with RED light.
SO ACCURACY: You’ll no longer have to reset your manual meter and guess at exact numbers. With each blow you’ll feel assured you know the exact status of your ketone so you can breath easy,This ketone analyzer is with 32 memory records for ketosis records tracking.
AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC LIGHT INDICATOR: Portable Ketone breath tester designed to carry around anywhere in your pocket, and make sure you are in ketosis all the time; the ketone breath meter with 3 LED indications: Green Light (Ketosis Reading Successfully), Amber Light (Low Battery), Red Light (Ketosis Reading Unsuccessfully)

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