Digital Brix Refractometer Flagfront brix Meter Refractometer Automatic Temperature Compensation Brix Refractometer Range 0-55%,±0.1% Precision for Fruit Juice Coffee


The Flagfront Digital Brix can clearly and accurately display the measured sugar content and the automatic temperature compensation measurement data is more accurate (the same liquid has the same measured value at different temperatures)
The operation is simple, and the measurement result is displayed in about 3 seconds with 2 buttons. The stainless steel sample tank is easy to clean, and the fully sealed body is used to prevent dust, and the waterproof level is IP58.
The measurement range of 0-55% can meet the needs of food, fruit, beverage, coffee, agriculture and wine industries, and routine test measurement. You can use this product for household food sugar measurement, fruit purchase and fruit sales, etc.

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